Terms of Submission

Publishing Rights: Upon your submission, you are confirming that your work is not previously published or under in the process of printing elsewhere. Copyrights of the submissions remain with the artists and writers. However, the following apply when submissions are accepted:  Upon acceptance of your work, Twisted Vine, of Western New Mexico University, acquires

1) Rights to publish the writer’s/artist’s submission (short-story, digital print, creative fiction, poetry, etc.)

2) The right to include your submission on any affiliated website, internet page, or other media. 3) Exclusive rights for 90 days. After 90 days, the writer may seek publication elsewhere if credit for the subsequent publications is given to Twisted Vine.

4) Non-exclusive rights to republish, store, and distribute the submission.


Any rights from this agreement are applicable for all related and affiliated media platforms including electronic media, wireless and mobile platforms, and the internet. Questions pertaining the publishing rights of a submission or accepted work with Twisted Vine should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at heather.steinmann@wnmu.edu.


Submission Withdrawal: Twisted Vine editors would prefer that artists and writers not withdraw content that has already been accepted for publication.  However, if an artist or writer wishes to withdraw already accepted content, a written request must be made. The written request to withdraw an accepted submission with Twisted Vine in advance of the publication date with at least 30 business days prior to the official publication. Requests to remove submissions from consideration can be made by contacting the Editor-in-Chief at heather.steinmann@wnmu.edu.


Payment: Twisted Vine does not pay contributors for submissions of any kind. Copies of the final publication are available online at the website, twistedvine.wnmu.edu.


For questions about accessing digital copies of the publication please contact Twisted Vine’s Editor-in-Chief.


Author’s/Artist’s Biography. When entering a submission, please include a biography of at least 100 words to appear with your piece.


Submission Periods, Deadlines, Response Time, and Publication Cycle.

Submission Periods: Vary.

Deadlines: Vary.

Response Time: Generally within one academic semester. Please allow 90 days before querying.

Publication Cycle:  Twisted Vine aims to publish annually.

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