Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal is run by students in the graduate writing program at Western New Mexico University. We aim to publish annually. Surrounded by Gila National Forest, Western New Mexico University dates to 1893 and serves 3500 students in 70 fields of study.



Editor-in-Chief | Heather Steinmann

Fall 2019

Managing Editor | Randy McBride
Communications Editor | Maria Guerrero
Visual Arts, Design, and Layout Editor | Carmen Ruiz
Poetry and Prose Editors | Veronica Gonzalez, Maria Guerrero, and Randy McBride

Spring 2020

Managing Editor | Harry Wetton
Communications Editor | Randy McBride
Poetry Editors | Peter Sean Souders & Rachel Nicole Wagner
Prose Editors | Marilee Herman, Peter Sean Souders & Rachel Nicole Wagner
Visual Arts Editor | Marilee Herman & Peter Sean Souders
Layout & Design Editor | Marilee Herman
Technology Manager | Rachel Nicole Wagner

Spring 2022

Managing Editor | Taylor Russo
Communications Manager | Jennifer Hardesty
Poetry Editor | Taylor Russo
Prose Editor | Karl Blakely
Visual Arts Editor | Kathleen Mariel
Layout & Design Editor | Kathleen Mariel

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