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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal is a student-run journal curated by the graduate writing program at Western New Mexico University, and is committed to publishing both emerging and established literary and visual artists. Twisted Vine seeks to represent an eclectic mix of ideas and values. We look for both experimental and traditional forms of prose and poetry and want to provide a diverse experience for our readers. We have a particular interest in pieces that challenge or redefine expression in new and inviting ways and we are committed to publishing both emerging and established artists.

Please read the information below carefully, before submitting your piece!

Formatting, Submission Instructions, and Review Procedures:

  • All written material submitted should be in Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, and adhere to basic guidelines of grammar and spelling (with obvious exceptions for creative license).
  • Twisted Vine adheres to a blind review policy, so we ask that you do not include any identifying information within your submission. To the best of our ability, authors, and artists remain anonymous during our selection process.
  • Once submissions are selected for publication, the contributor’s name will be revealed to the staff and additional information may be requested. Because this is a university press, we follow the standard academic calendar. Please do not submit queries until 6 months after the submission deadline. Editors will not respond outside of the semester calendar.

**Please note – internal submissions from Western New Mexico University staff and faculty will not be accepted.

Categories of Work and Guidelines (please submit only original and unpublished work in the following categories):

  • Poetry  – up to three poems, to a maximum of 5 pages total. Twisted Vine accepts both traditional and experimental poetry. We do not adhere to any specific guidelines for style or content and only ask that your poems reflect artistic excellence. We highly encourage poems that represent interdisciplinary themes. Please submit no more than three (3) poems per document. Along with the written version of the poem, contributors are welcome to submit audio or video readings of their poetry for consideration on our website as well.
  • Short Literary fiction – one story, up to 4000 words. Please limit short literary fiction to no more than 4,000 words. We are looking to compile a diverse body of work that represents the interdisciplinary theme of our journal. Stories should have strong narration, character development, and plot, and must remain literary in essence.
  • Creative nonfiction – one essay, up to 2500 words. Creative non-fiction submissions are limited to 2,500 words. We are looking for wide-ranging submissions in this genre that complement our interdisciplinary focus. We are open to a broad range of material, however, your submission must remain literary in essence.
  • Visual Arts – 2-D works in any combination of media, up to 3 images total. With an interdisciplinary interest in mind, the Visual Arts Editor looks for original, unpublished, unique, and creative imagery. We accept photography, painting, collage, graphic art, digital art, comics, printmaking, drawing, mixed media, and tattoo drawing, all in .jpg or .jpeg format. We encourage those bi-lingual artists who use text (Spanish/English) as part of their artwork to submit. When entering a submission, please include a biography of at least 100 words. Please, identify all images by title, medium, and your name. There is no entry fee. We look forward to viewing your fabulous entries! Thank you. Se Habla Español!
  • InterviewsTwisted Vine accepts interviews. Please limit transcribed interviews to 4,000 words or less. Stylistically, we want interviews that discuss interdisciplinary studies, literature, and, the arts at large. The edgier the better, but keep it above the belt.

Please limit submissions to one per genre category. Once you have received a response from us, you are welcome to submit again.

Any submission to Twisted Vine that does not meet submission guidelines will be deleted immediately.

If you get picked up by another publication please let us know by adding a note to your submission; do not withdraw the entire submission.

Terms of Submission

Publishing Rights: Upon your submission, you are confirming that your work is not previously published or under in the process of printing elsewhere. Copyrights of the submissions remain with the artists and writers. However, the following applies when submissions are accepted: Upon acceptance of your work, Twisted Vine of Western New Mexico University, acquires

  1. Rights to publish the writer’s/artist’s submission (short story, digital print, creative fiction, poetry, etc.)
  2. The right to include your submission on any affiliated website, internet page, or other media.
  3. Exclusive rights for 90 days. After 90 days, the writer may seek publication elsewhere if credit for the subsequent publications is given to Twisted Vine.
  4. Non-exclusive rights to republish, store, and distribute the submission.

Any rights from this agreement are applicable for all related and affiliated media platforms including electronic media, wireless and mobile platforms, and the internet. If you have questions pertaining to the publishing rights of a submission or accepted piece with Twisted Vine, they should be directed to the editor at

Submission Withdrawal: Twisted Vine editors would prefer that artists and writers not withdraw content that has already been accepted for publication. However, if an artist or writer wishes to withdraw already accepted content, a written request must be made. The written request to withdraw an accepted piece publication with Twisted Vine in advance of the publication date with at least 30 business days prior to the official publication. Requests to remove submissions from consideration can be made by contacting the editor at

Payment: Twisted Vine does not pay contributors for submissions of any kind. Copies of the final publication are available online at the website,

For questions about accessing digital copies of the publication please contact Twisted Vine’s editor.

Author’s/Artist’s Biography: When entering a submission, please include a biography of at least 100 words to appear with your piece.

Submission Periods, Deadlines, Response Time, and Publication Cycle:

Submission Periods: Varying.

Deadlines: Vary.

Response Time: Generally within one academic semester. Please allow 90 days before querying.

Publication Cycle: Twisted Vine is published annually.

Follow Twisted Vine at:

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal is a student-run journal curated by the graduate writing program at Western New Mexico University. Surrounded by Gila National Forest, Western New Mexico University dates to 1893 and serves 3500 students in 70 fields of study. We look forward to viewing your submissions!


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